With an experience of about 2 decades in HRTech and enterprise product engineering, Harbinger has helped several HR product companies embrace digital transformation and achieve successful business outcomes. Read more

Helping you build products that shape the future of HR


Applicant Tracking Systems, Social and Data-Driven Recruiting, Credentialing, Background Checks, Automated Candidate Referencing


Self-Guided New Joiner Tours, Employee Verification, Automated and Configurable Workflows for Onboarding, Crossboarding, and Offboarding


Benefits Administration, COBRA-HIPAA-ACA Compliance, Automation and Integration of Benefits, Personalized Benefit Recommendations, Knowledge Base, Qualifying Life Events, Benefit Exchanges, Wellness Programs

Engagement and Rewards

Continuous and Quick Feedback Tools, Pulse Surveys, Integrated Ad Hoc Tools and Light Mobile Apps, Rewards and Recognition Apps, Creative Activities and Corporate Social Responsibilities, Gamification

People Analytics

Comprehensive but Simplified Reporting and Visualization, Evidence-based Decision-making on Identified Trends, Predictive and Sentiment Analytics Using Machine Learning Algorithms


ACA, HIPAA, COBRA and FSA Limits, I9 Form Verification, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Payroll Taxes and IRS Forms, FLSA


With an upsurge in disruptive digital workplace technologies across the board, there is a noticeable shift to hybrid work environments comprising physical as well as remote work. These and many such changing work conditions are ushering in new possibilities around people and technology. Harbinger understands work processes, technology, and people. The future of work according to us should therefore solve for an overarching objective encompassing enhanced employee experience, robust collaboration platforms, and seamless productivity through digital alternatives. Read more

Learning Tech

Harbinger’s significant experience and deep expertise in developing standards-compliant learning solutions has resulted in successful and long-term associations with top Learn Tech product vendors and L&D teams within organizations. Read more

Helping you build technology that delivers exceptional learner experiences

LMS Enhancement

Personalized Learning Algorithm Design, Adaptive Learning Support, Recommendation Engine Design, VLE integration, Synchronous Learning Integration, LRS Integration, LMS Gamification, Moodle Customization

LMS Development

Student Enrollment, Learning Plan, Notifications, Assessments, Multi-level Tracking, Progress Reports, Learner Engagement Analytics, Certifications , Social and Collaborative Learning

eLearning Authoring Systems

Course Creation Workflows, Multimedia and Interactivity Creation Tools, Customizable Course Template Design, Multi-type Assessments, LCMS Development

Content Publishing Systems

Content Packaging, ePub Conversion, Package
Distribution Platforms, Online and Offline
eReaders for Various Devices, Digital Rights

Learning Technology Standards

Section 508 Accessibility


As technology transforms the way students learn, rapid and innovative EdTech product development is on the horizon. EdTech product companies need to help educational institutions rethink, redesign, and integrate their digital ecosystems to ensure better student engagement and outcomes. Read more

Technological Expertise to Support Your Product Development Needs

Product Development and Enhancement

Student information systems, Enrollment management, Attendance management, Learning plan, Notifications, Assessments, Multi-level tracking, Progress reports, Learner engagement analytics, Certifications, Social and collaborative learning, LMS customization and integration, Recommendation engine

Technology and Frontend Modernization

Feature redesign, User experience design, User interface design for web and mobile devices, Persona and scenario driven designs

AI-Based Solutions

AI-based skill-gap analysis, Study assistants, Chatbots, Nudge-learning, At-risk students’ identification and engagement, Intent and utterance writing process to convert long courses into conversational content

Solution Accelerators

Integration-ready products:
SprinkleZone – A nudge-learning platform,
Quillionz – World’s first AI-powered teaching assistant,
Offline Player – A solution to access learning content offline

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