Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Harbinger is about empowering people, enhancing their skills, and enabling Harbingers to engage in CSR activities. By doing this, we strive to do our bit to develop and grow underprivileged parts of our society.

Our main focus is on the under privileged part of society where we try to give support in promoting education and providing them training them for employment-enhancing vocational skills so that they can lead a sustainable livelihood and make a difference in the society.


Every year we at Harbinger celebrate ‘Daan Utsav’ – which is India’s own festival of giving. Earlier known as the ‘Joy of Giving Week,’ it was initiated in 2009. This year we celebrated ‘Daan Utsav’ at Harbinger between October 02 to 08, 2018. True joy, real prosperity, and lasting happiness are possible when all of us come together to help each other to grow. It gives each and every one of us an opportunity to do something good for our fellow citizens. Harbinger employees helped and collected nutrition rich food and gifted to the less privileged children in Shilim village.

Also, during Christmas, Harbinger played Santa by collecting contributions from its employees, the proceedings of which was used to purchase of educational tools like bags & pencil boxes and distributed them to the children of Lavarde Primary School in Lavasa.

Harbinger is working with an NGO named Adivasi Vikas Prabodhini on a project called “Creative People”.

The idea behind this project is to make a difference in the lives of differently abled youngsters and to give them a sustainable livelihood. Currently we are engaged with 11 hearing impaired youth around 22 years old who are provided with vocational training on making small household display items – like coasters, trays, pen holders, coffee tables, wall hangings and many more. What is exceptional is that these items are made out of scrap like newspaper, car tyres, plastic water bottles, wood (courtesy Godrej Interio), Using their creativity and newly acquired skills they are able to convert waste into something useful.

The Creative People Project has been developing different skills to improve the livelihood capability of its members. To promote this, embroidery machines were bought where they learnt to do embroidery work on kurtis, bags, dress materials etc. In addition to this, making of cakes and pastries were taught to them as well. These products are sold in the external market and also feature on the menu in Harbinger’s Friday lunch!

An activity was conducted in 2017 where Creative people volunteers trained a set of around 30 Harbinger employees on candle making, the products of which were bought by Harbinger employees. How cool is that!

Moving forward, this batch will get extensively trained and will branch out as trainers and will train other new comers to this program. We hope that this small initiative becomes a movement.

Senior Management Trip to CSR Office
Harbinger’s senior management visited the Creative People’s office where they were welcomed and the team showcased their work and how they contribute towards Harbinger’s CSR initiatives especially the new initiative of Econplast.

The Senior Management Team really appreciated the efforts put in by this team and wished them very luck and whole hearted support for all for their future endeavors.

Harbingers became a part of sustainable development by joining hands in helping the villagers in the Vanrai bandhara construction. Vanarai Bandhara is constructed at the end of monsoon period to last till the onset of the next monsoon.

Our motive was to imbibe the rural and tribal living conditions among the employees for developing sensitivity towards development projects.

Vanarai bandhara or Bunds are constructed across a stream or small river using gunny bags refilled with locally available soil or sand.These bags are sealed properly and are arranged in the form of a wall barrier to collect the water as well as to reduce the velocity of stream so that infiltration rate of water increases.

Harbingers formed three teams and helped in filling the gunny bags with locally available sand, passing the bags to the other team and also helped in placing the gunny bags on the small river bed.
At the end of the day the employees interacted with the tribal villagers and came to know more about their life style and mode of living.

Econplast Project:
Harbinger Group’s CSR Team Creative People has come up with a new initiative called Econplast.

Here, the waste plastic materials are grinded and mixed with concrete which is then added to adhesive to bond the mixture better. This mixture is then put into moulds for pave block. This can be used for construction or making of articles. Thus, recycling waste plastic.

If you wish to donate your waste plastic to Harbinger’s Creative People Project for an innovative recycle.

Blood Donation:
Harbinger organizes frequent Blood donation drives for its employees. So successful are these drives, that our neighboring companies like Alfa Laval and ISN also encourage their employees to participate in this noble cause.

Tree Plantation:
A tree plantation drive was organized in Mamasaheb Mohal School, Warje for the employees of Harbinger.

Harbinger employees along with the children of the school planted saplings. This activity was not only done with the motive of beautifying the school premises but also to do our bit to the environment by ‘Going Green’ and planting more trees.

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